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Solar Panels Cairns

Take Control of Your Power Costs


Generous temporary government financial incentives and tax rebates, coupled with record high electricity prices have resulted in more companies than ever making the switch to solar energy.


With financial returns up to 40% in the first year alone and generous tax offsets, smart business owners are beginning to figure out how much financially better off they are with solar.






Start saving up to 80% on your business' energy costs immediately by generating your own power, free from the sun and sell any unused electricity back to the grid. 


We design customised solar solutions for local businesses that yield optimal results, maximum return on investment and huge long-term financial benefits. 


Save up to 35% off the upfront cost of a solar system for your business with the Government's Solar Incentive Scheme. We handle all the paperwork to make sure that you receive the maximum benefit.


We only use high quality components and all our installations are carried out by a team of experienced Clean Energy Council accredited electricians.


The electricity cost savings made from installing a solar system on your business can pay off the system in as little as 2 years compared to 3 to 7 years for a home.  


We have a variety of options to suit every business owner's needs including low-rate finance and no-cost ever options (Power Purchase Agreements).


Providing solar energy solutions for businesses in the Cairns & Townsville regions



Swiss Solar supply and install high quality small, medium and large scale grid connect energy solutions for businesses and commercial property owners across the Cairns and Townsville regions. These solutions require diverse and specialist skills and the Swiss team and it's partners are experienced in all facets of these projects, ensuring the service and products are of the highest standard to achieve the best possible outcome.

The Swiss team are passionate, committed professionals in the solar energy industry that focus on quality energy systems for commercial applications in far northern Queensland and have established partnerships with major industry advocates and leading distributors. Our team are leading the growth of commercial solar across the Cairns and Townsville Regions.


Our philosophy of 'Empowering Business' stands behind everything we do. It's not just something we say, it's something we really mean. We're championing Far North Queensland's commercial energy revolution by harnessing the world's greatest natural resource to financially empower local businesses. 


Swiss Solar Pty Ltd are proud to be partnered with Energy Matters Australia. Together with  Energy Matters, we  have over 23,000 solar systems installed throughout Australia, and still growing.

Energy Matters are a division of Flex Australia and Flextronics who are a multi-billion dollar, multi-faceted company that designs and builds intelligent products that are engineered and manufactured with sustainability in mind. They are also growing in areas that have the potential to mitigate climate change including renewable energy, connected home, autonomous vehicles, smart agriculture and supply chain optimization. Flextronics have links to such companies as Nike, Whirlpool, Fitbit, Bose, UBER and Dyson just to name a few.


How this partnership benefits you:

1. An extensive knowledge base of over 23,000 previous installations.

2. Superior buying power of the best Solar products in the world.

3. Security of an ever growing international company. 

4. Access to leading manufacturer's with Australian based warranties.


Solar is a 'no-brainier' for business.

It's a good decision.

We just wish we'd made the switch to solar sooner.


Business Owner, Arnel Fencing Warehouse