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The business case for installing solar panels on your commercial premises has never been more compelling. The cost of buying and installing commercial solar energy has come down over recent years and this, coupled with generous government solar subsidies, record high electricity prices and a temporary increase in the depreciable asset tax write-off to $ 20,000, makes solar an incredibly smart financial investment. There has never been a better time to install commercial solar power.

Government Financial Incentives


Swiss Solar and the Government’s current Solar Power Incentive Scheme saves eligible businesses thousands of dollars (around 35%) off the upfront cost of a rooftop solar power system. However this incentive is being phased out, so don't put off buying commercial solar panels. Swiss Solar handle all the paperwork to ensure that you get the maximum benefit form the Government Solar Incentive. Contact Swiss Solar to find out how much your business can save.

High Return on Investment


The return on investment for a solar system can be as little as 2.5 years or 40% annually, depending on how your business uses electricity and the size of the system installed. Any increase in electricity prices during this time will further increase your ROI. Businesses save a fortune in the long run with solar.

Immediate Cost Reductions


Savings are immediate from the moment your solar system is switched on. Businesses can save up to 80% on their electricity bills by reducing the amount of energy they draw from the grid and instead use the energy their solar panels generate during the day, free from the sun. Plus, sell any unused power back into the grid.

Tax Incentives


Eligible business are temporarily able to claim an immediate 100% tax deduction for depreciable assets such as rooftop solar systems that cost up to $22,000 through the Government's instant asset write-off scheme. Businesses may also be able to claim further tax deductions for their solar system through asset depreciation. Speak to Swiss Solar or your tax accountant today to find out if you can benefit from this scheme.

Hedge Against Electricity Price Increases


Electricity prices have doubled in the past decade and with commercial and industrial electricity prices projected to increase further and the phasing-out of government solar incentives, the price of doing nothing could seriously cost your business in the long run. 

Increase Your Property Value and Rental Return


Real Estate agents consider solar a revenue generating asset, meaning your property may be worth more when you sell it. Commercial investment property owners may also be able to increase their rental return when they install solar on their buildings. 

Reduce Greenhouse Emissions & Make a Visual Statement


How do you know you're dealing with a forward thinking business? Look for the one with Solar on the roof. Make a positive and empowering statement to potential customers that you're environmentally conscious and a forward-thinking business.


Finance solutions are available to eligible businesses that allow you to start saving on your energy bills immediately.

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