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Arnel Fencing Warehouse


We were keen to explore ways to reduce our operating costs, particularly in light of increasing energy prices. We contacted various companies to assist us with solar energy and I must say Swiss Solar stood out by far and large. I contacted Swiss Solar after seeing a number of their residential and commercial installations in the Cairns area. 

They offered great value for money, delivering their expertise through tailored, personal approaches and managed the project seamlessly from end to end. What I liked most about Swiss Solar is they were straight talking; there was no sales pitch. Instead, they let their knowledge and expertise shine. Their personal, considered approach and tailored solution was cost effective and brought to the table with no pressure to purchase. We were so impressed and haven’t looked back since.

At current performance, the system will pay for itself within 2.5 years and we just wish we’d made the switch to solar earlier.


Working with Swiss Solar was easy: they were great to deal with and I’d recommend anyone in business who is looking to reduce their operating costs to give them a call.

Mick McCormick

- Owner, Arnel Fencing Warehouse

The Lakes Resort & Spa

With electricity prices getting ridiculously high and the ongoing expense of running power-hungry devices, like air conditioning and fridges, as well as the office servers, we decided it was time to switch to Solar. Thanks to Swiss Solar, the Lakes Resort & Spa now have a power system installed, which has really made a difference in reducing our electricity bills.

We requested quotes from two solar companies, one being Swiss Solar. Swiss Solar were personally recommended to us and worked hard to make sure we got the right system to suit our challenging needs. The quality of the equipment they used and the research that they conducted to understand our unique business requirements indicated that we would be getting the best solution possible.


The layout of the tile roof was challenging because of the varying roof slopes and steep pitches, however Swiss Solar came up with a design that complimented the existing aesthetics of the building to satisfy the residents of the complex and Body Corporate. They went out of their way to assess the best possible options for us and to plan an efficient installation.


Working with them has been great and we were especially impressed with their thoroughness and professionalism.

Matthew Findlater

- General Manager, The Lakes Resort & Spa

FNQ Plastics

With the ever-rising cost of electricity we took the opportunity to explore cost reducing options.


Solar is a more cost-effective way for us to power our business, particularly with rising electricity prices and the uncertainty of future price hikes. As an environmentally conscious business, solar energy was also a way in which we could reduce our carbon footprint.


As a local business, we too like to support fellow local businesses where we can and as such we engaged the assistance of local provider, Swiss Solar, to manage our install. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Swiss Solar took the time to understand our business and provided a tailored solution. I would recommend to other businesses in the Cairns Region looking to make the switch as we did, to get in touch with Swiss Solar.

Colin and Lesley Van Staveren

- Owners, FNQ Plastics



We couldn't be happier with the service and results.

I highly recommend Swiss Solar if you want real professionals who know what they're doing and care about what they do! 

Richard Vinen

We wanted to use a local and reputable company that we could trust. Solar is saving us way more than we expected and the results and service have exceeded our expectations

Cindy Palmer

Dealing with Swiss Solar exceeded my expectations. They are professional, friendly and efficient. The installation went smoothly and was hassle-free. Would highly recommend these guys.

Patsy Amato