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The inverter is at the heart of the entire system so it's important to ensure you choose an efficient, quality-made inverter with a strong history of reliability and performance. Low quality inverters have been known to fail. All our inverters are made by the leading manufacturers worldwide and are backed by excellent after-sales service and support in Australia. And, like our panels, all our inverters are assessed to meet Swiss Solar's quality and reliability selection criteria.


All our inverters offer a minimum warranty period of 5 years and most of our inverter manufacturers also offer optional extended warranty periods from 10-25 years.

String Inverter

These are the most common solar inverters. They work by converting the DC electricity output from the solar panels into AC electricity that is then fed into your property to operate your appliances.

The electricity that is not used in your building is then either fed into the grid (electrical power lines) or into a separate battery inverter and battery storage bank if connected.

Hybrid Inverter

Designed to work with battery storage, hybrid inverters simultaneously manage power inputs from both solar panels and battery storage, charging batteries with either solar panels or the electricity grid (depending on which is more economical or preferred).


Microinverters are mini inverters that attach to each individual panel. They convert DC power to AC right at the panel and so don’t require a string inverter. Also, because of the panel-level conversion, if one or more panels are shaded or are performing on a lower level than the others, the performance of the remaining panels won’t be jeopardized. This makes microinverters good for installations with shading issues or with panels on multiple planes facing various directions. 

Monitoring Your System

Inverters have the ability to monitor your solar power production and allow you to review your system's historical production. Some inverters have an LCD display that will allow visualisation of the current output of your system while others may allow remote connection via Bluetooth or internet connections. Other accessories are available for some brands of inverter that also allow you to monitor your energy consumption and export to the grid.